About Us

About Us

Organic Online (O2) – An initiative to bring health to your doorstep from natural sources. We are a young group of enthusiasts that are set out to revolutionise public health by introducing Naturally grown Organic products to the masses.

Our products come from organic farms. All our items are free from artificial chemicals, pesticides, herbicides and genetically engineered ingredients.

Entering the market with an ambition to bring a positive change in the health of our society, the founders of Organic Online started their venture into the vast world of natural products. Prioritising providing chemical free, unadulterated food products to the public to lay a positive impact on their health, Organic Online sources top-grade natural products like oils, cereals, pulses and more that comply to the standards from the farmers across the country and provide them to customers on the online platform. This creates an easy and hassle-free experience.


Our Mission

To cater affordable and best-in-class quality organic products to a society sailing towards a chemical-free & healthy lifestyle


Our Vision

To initiate and lead a revolution bringing positive change in health with our natural products.

What do we do?

Taking an oath to provide the best organic products through our online platform, the Organic Online team caters to the needs of health-oriented citizens by supplying Organic & Chemical-free products to their doorstep. Making the best use of modern day technology, we make the transition between going through our vast range of products, selecting products and getting it delivered to their doorstep a hassle-free & safe process. Organic Online is one of the most sought after online marketplace for organic and natural products. We offer a vast range of products for all ages, sourced from authenticated sources.

Why Organic?

We bet you didn’t know that organic products reduce the risk of cancer by almost 60% and protect against antibiotic resistance & toxins by strengthening your immune system & already that 94 Million people have joined the organic revolution across the world.

Health is a major factor that drastically affects our day-to-day activities. The way we function, our thinking, our productivity and many more factors are affected by our health and it is of extreme importance that we keep ourselves and our body in good health in this day and age. Consumption of pesticides, chemical-filled and adulterated food products can lead to a massive deterioration in the health of you and your loved ones.

We recommend natural products from Organic Online because:

  • Sourced directly from farmers while complying to all the safety standards.
  • 100% chemical-free and naturally grown.
  • They have more beneficial nutrients such as antioxidants, proteins, vitamins and fibers.”
  • The risk of cancer and other chronic diseases is lower when you consume organic food.
  • Organic foods are far less likely to contain pesticide residues.

Our Process:

At Organic Online, the process of procuring natural products from farmers and providing them to the customer is a long one. It starts with the search for organic products, which can be quite challenging as many farmers have not made the transition to organic farming yet. Then there is the process of quality control, which ensures that the product meets certain standards.

Finally, the delivery of products to customers which requires careful packaging to ensure that they are not damaged in transit.

Organic food production is an important industry and it will only grow as people become more aware of how chemicals affect their health and well-being.

But, why us?

  • We keep it simple

At Organic Online, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right product. That’s why we have focused on making our site easy to navigate and find our products

  • Natural and organic, all the way

We only partner with reliable sources who share our values of providing quality products and being environmentally conscious. This is how we guarantee that you are getting only the best.

  • Values that matter to us

We believe in transparency, sustainability, and responsibility – which means that we only work with sources who can assure these values. So rest assured knowing that your purchase is helping not just your family but also our planet!

  • Pocket-friendly pricing

At Organic Online, our prices are competitive and we even offer bulk discounts for larger orders so you can save even more on quality merchandise from natural and organic sources!

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